Temporary Insurance for Learner Drivers

Learnerís car insurance is a good idea because the person learning to drive is stressed out enough and this alleviates the stress of practicing before taking the driving test. A policy such as this can help reduce the cost as your child learns to drive.

Every teenager as some point wants to learn to drive. Thatís actually the one exam many remember the most. Theyíll even tell you that is the one exam that made the biggest difference and had the greatest impact on their lives.
Many insurance companies in the UK hold a learner insurance for provisional license which allows them to be flexible and cost effective. This makes it easy for them to allow a 17 year old to be on the road quickly for a low rate.

For the first 28 days, the cost for learner drivers insurance is £96.50. After that, customers have the option of extending the policy either 7 or 28 days. A 20% reduction may even be available for those who qualify.
Many sites offer promotions and discounts simply by checking out their sites. Many offer £20 off the regular price so you would only pay £76.50 for 28 days worth of cover. Many sites have a promotional code for such offers and you must register before you can claim these offers. Itís pretty easy and worth it to get such a good discount.

Even though students have the right cover, itís always a good idea to learn to drive under close supervision of a qualified driving instructor, someone who is registered to do this type of work. While driving, someone could get hurt and your child could be in a life threatening situation. Itís best to have someone there who knows what theyíre doing.
To take advantage of what learner insurance has to offer, study the homework your child brings home after driving and talking with the instructor. Learn from their practice sessions. Make sure your child covers everything under the policy.

One problem many drivers face is they gradually develop bad driving habits. If they keep monitoring their driving procedures, then itís likely they will become a save driver. The best thing to do to insure good driving skills is to practice safe driving and every once in a while think about the lesson plan you had while on the road with the driving instructor.

Progress stops the day people stop choosing to learn. Pretty soon bad habits decide to creep up. If youíre a safe driver it means youíre tolerant of those other drivers who are safe and patent with those who are not. Interestingly enough, the drivers who think they are the best drivers in the world who never make mistakes are the ones with the most road rage causing the most accidents. Perhaps, they should get learners insurance and go back to the drawing board?


This page is a personal rant by Aaaron Fletcher, in the hope that it just MIGHT make a difference. Copyright? Who cares?